Why Pre-marital Counseling is Important

Many people spend more time selecting their next car or home than they do in researching a potential mate. The high divorce rate in the U.S. seems to indicate at least one primary – that we are ill-prepared for marriage. There is very little education given to students or adults as how to best select a compatible companion and how to develop and nurture a healthy relationship.

The PREPARE/ENRICH series of inventories are some of the most researched pre-marital and marital assessments available today. Depending on the inventory, at least 10 different areas that can cause potential issues for a couple are assessed. The reliability rates for predicting marital happiness are very impressive. Once the results are calculated, then counseling the couple on how to resolve potential problem areas that have been identified can be addressed. You can go to thePREPARE/ENRICH website for more information.

There are many reasons why people fight and break up, but I have found throughout the years that the main underlying issue is communication. Without communication it is difficult to have trust, without trust a couple will struggle with dealing with everything from finances to raising children. Furthermore, without trust it is difficult to have respect, and without open communication, trust, and respect, it is difficult to have loving feelings towards your spouse. A lack of communication can bring resentment to the marriage and lead to its downfall. Pre-marital counseling assists a couple with identifying the real and potential issues and provides tools that may lead to building the foundation of a healthy relationship, which is communication.

For those interested in marital counseling, go to the INTERN BIOS page to see a list of interns who are able to provide marital counseling.