Lori Vann, LPC-S offers consulting services for counselors and the media on numerous mental health and private practice issues.

For counselors, I offer assistance in the creation of forms, consultation for marketing of your practice, discussion of potential ethical or legal issues that may arise in your practice, and whether or not being a supervisor is the right decision for you & then development of your intern agreement. The fee for services is on an hourly basis that is $125 an hour.

On site Consultation to Create a NSSI (Self-injury) Track at a hospital, PHP, IOP

Ms. Vann will travel to your location and train your staff in NSSI recognition, treatment, and group therapy techniques (7 1/2 hours of training) that are in her Self-injury Prevention Activity Workbook (2 copies for the unit to be provided).  She will then sit it on the groups for 2 days to demonstrate how to integrate the techniques discussed, review current forms and make suggestions, and stay at the location the entire day to make her self available for any questions.  A follow up visit will take place at a time determined by the group and Ms. Vann’s schedule.  More details to come or you can e-mail her directly with inquiries.  For a small additional cost, a non-compete agreement can be added to the contract for a set period of time where she can not sell this program to a competitor within a specified distance of the facility.

Just some of what’s included:

Non-Suicidal Self-injury (NSSI) Track for Treatment Centers Proposal


Program Developed by: Lori Vann, M.A., LPC-Supervisor

The information contained in this Proposal is proprietary and cannot be used by the Treatment Center to develop a similar track without compensation to the developer of said program, Ms. Vann.


Why would a treatment center want a NSSI track?

First, I want to ask a few questions for your consideration.


How many treatment centers do you know that competently treat NSSI and have a dedicated track for it?  How many centers say they treat NSSI, but they are really just barely touching on coping skills that are specific to that behavior and lumping those clients in with everyone else?


Do you know the lifetime risk for someone trying NSSI?  Are you familiar with the correlation between substance use, eating disorders, and/or NSSI?


Most importantly, how many clients do you know that complain about the lack of treatment they received that really targeted their reason for going to that facility in the first place?  I can tell you that I have had a countless number of cases reported to me by my clients and by colleagues who complain that there are not any treatment centers who are competently treating the ever growing issue of self-injury.


Did you know that NSSI has been described as an epidemic?  That it impacts clients as young as elementary age children up through adults in their sixties?  Did you know that males self-injure, too, but it may manifest itself in a different manner?  Did you know that NSSI is completely treatable?


Finally, do you want to be known as the group who has their finger on the needs of the community?  The group that is focused on educating its staff to meet the ever changing needs of its clients?  Do you want to be amongst the leaders in treatment facilities?


This is not just about obtaining more clients, even though, that is almost a guarantee that you will see an influx of clients because you could be the only game in town offering this unique, much needed track.  No, it is about better serving your clients to help them reach their full potential, to help them in recovery, and to show that their care is a top priority for your center.  Customer service is the number one item that can either make or break any business.  Centers that show a dedication to keeping up with research on how to best assist their clients are the ones that earn a reputation for customer care.  Centers that continue to use outdated, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approaches are the ones who see a decrease in referrals from former clients and professionals in the community. 

Is there really a market for this type of treatment? 

YES!  NSSI is an ever growing issue across all demographics—economically, racially, culturally, age, and gender.  Treatment centers who educate the community as to what NSSI is and that there is help for it will surely find a niche market in their community that other centers are not meeting.

What benefits could a treatment center derive from having such a unique and much needed program?

*Local reputation and increased exposure as a leading treatment center in the needs of the community

*Community awareness about this track can lead to awareness to other programs the center offers, thus increased referrals all around

*Increased referrals on a local, state, and perhaps national level

*Increased client satisfaction for targeting previously unmet needs by other facilities

*Initial outlay that is easily recouped within the first several clients who are admitted to your program **depending on the price the facility charges its clients 

Program Overview

Ms. Vann will help you create a NSSI Treatment Program for your hospital or treatment center that includes therapeutic activities, process groups, core areas to address, family group topics, forms, considerations, use of all of her materials, and will go to your location to help set it up and train the staff (travel fees may apply).

Ms. Vann will provide 7 ½ hours of education to the treatment center staff that addresses these and other issues:

Identification of NSSI (definitions, 3 levels, types of NSSI, locations)

-Prevalence Rates in different demographics (gender, age, ethnicity)

-The role of the media in perpetuating NSSI

-Tools used to harm

-35 Reasons why people self-harm

-Proper assessment of NSSI versus suicide

Addressing the Question as to whether NSSI is Addictive

-Similarities between NSSI and Eating Disorders

-Core Issues

-Techniques to address the issues

-Examples of therapeutic activities

Onsite Staff Training:

-Ms. Vann will be present at your facility at least two and a half consecutive days

-Presence for one day giving the 7 ½ hour training (9 1/2 hour duration with breaks)

-She will be present on the unit to lead groups, discuss documentations, and answer questions for 2 days

Offsite Training:

-Ms. Vann will provide 5 hours of follow up consults via Skype or phone call

The Treatment Center will be provided with:

-Examples of forms that Ms. Vann has developed for her NSSI Support Groups, including contracts, intake forms, and session notes

-She will develop forms for the treatment center

-5 Copies of her first book, A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury, 2 copies of her second book that is on 6 CDs, A Practitioner’s Guide to the Treatment of Self-injury: tips, techniques, activities, and debates, in addition to 2 copies of her Self-injury Prevention Activity Workbook, that contains over 30 activities that she has developed for her unique self-injury support groups.

Lori Vann, M.A., LPC-S provides:

*Over 15 years of professional experience that has been developed from working in a wide variety of settings

*Author of 2 books & a workbook on the topic of NSSI

*National, State, and local Conference presenter

*Presented on the topic of NSSI over 50 times to a variety of audiences

*National, State, & Local radio, television, and print media expert

*Peer recognition as the ‘go to’ person on the topic of NSSI treatment

*Easy-to-understand, real-world examples of the material

*Personable, genuine, interactive presentations where you WILL learn information that can help you better assist your clients and patients.

*Nicknamed ‘The Guru of Self-injury”

Estimated Costs: $16,835 (pre-travel) discounted to only $12,000 if 50% is paid in advance with other 50% due at the end of the training—that is over 25% off, almost $5000 in savings for the first group that signs up for this program.  The price increases to $13,000 for the second group, and $14,000 for the third group.  All other signees after that will be at the $15,500 rate.  

To make a non-refundable deposit for this program go to http://lorivanncounseling.com/product/nssi-track-for-treatment-centers-deposit/

  • 7 ½ hours of Training (present for 9 1/2 hours) is $8,000
  • Onsite Training on the unit for 2 days is $2550
  • Hotel Room for 3 nights while providing training: $375
  • Form Creation (Intake, Session Note, Group Agreement with staff collaboration) for the Treatment Center: $250
  • Offsite Follow up Consulting for 5 hours is: $625
  • 5 Copies of A Caregiver’s Guide: $97
  • 2 Copies of A Practitioner’s Guide CD Box Set with the BONUS CD: $75
  • 2 Copies of The Self-injury Prevention Activity Workbook: $65
  • 1 year Non-compete Agreement is $1300
  • Advertising on LoriVannCounseling.com as a trained treatment provider indefinitely (site gets over 3000 hits per week): $2000
  • Announcements and referrals on LinkedIn, Google+, iContact, Twitter, Facebook, other social media outlets networking events, & seminars for 2 years: $1500

Travel rates will vary depending on location of the treatment center and if airfare, car, & hotel are needed, cost is capped at $2500 within the Continental U.S. or capped at $3500 if center is in Hawaii or Canada.

Optional non-compete agreement where Ms. Vann will not sell this program to a competing group that is within 15 miles of the designated treatment center for the following amount of time:

2 year Non-compete is an additional $2500 (payable as $1250 per year)

3 year Non-compete is an additional $4200 (payable as $1400 per year)

5 year Non-compete is an additional $10,000, this option will expand the radius to 20 miles

If the treatment center has multiple locations, then additional fees will apply for the program depending on the number of treatment locations.

Center to re-coop cost with acceptance of just 4 to 5 clients who are looking for this very much in demand track.  Be the first treatment center in your area to offer this specialized program.

Call or E-mail for additional details and pricing.  To make a deposit before the prices increase, go to http://lorivanncounseling.com/product/nssi-track-for-treatment-centers-deposit/

Private Practice Consultation Package:

Ms. Vann’s counseling forms (7) with a 2 1/2 hour consultation to review the forms, discuss best business practices, marketing strategies, website review, or whatever the client is in need of, in addition to two (2) 15 minute follow up calls for only $350.

Forms include:

    • Vann Counseling Agreement
    • Client Intake AND the Initial Intake that the counselor fills out
    • Release of Information form
    • Communication Log per HIPAA guidelines
    • Insurance Benefit Verification Form
    • Session Note

Supervisor Consultation Package:

2 hours of consultation time (1 hour blocks), in addition to twice a month consultation call (15 minutes) for 6 months( 3 hrs total), and the following forms:

    • Total amount of consult time is 5 hours
    • Vann Supervisory Agreement for off-site interns
    • Vann Onsite Addendum for Interns
    • Intern Counseling Agreement with clients
    • Intern Session Note
    • HIPAA Documentation Form
    • Vann Supervision Note

Price: $500

Since 2009, I have been a mental health media consultant for television news programs, magazines, newspapers, radio, and movies. Please see the News section for links to previous interviews on a variety of topics ranging from my area of expertise of self-injury to boundaries.