• Individual (11 years and above for Ms. Vann)
    • Pre-marital
    • Family
    • Christian-based Counseling available upon Request
      • Reduced fee counseling: Interns provide counseling services for ages 6 years and above; they offer play therapy, individual, couples, and family counseling at a reduced rate.  They offer evening and Saturday appointments.  It is like two counselors for the price of one!  Choose one right for you by going to the Intern BIOS page!
    • COMING SOON SEPTEMBER LAUNCH–Intensive Self-injury Outpatient Program!!!
      • It is truly unlike any other treatment program out there because no one else in DFW is an International authority with 20 years of experience working with this population.
      • 13 hours of Group Therapy
      • Capped at 6 Teen Girls
      • Less than $39 an hour and includes all art and therapy supplies
      • Mail Lori to Register & Schedule an Interview
    • The Vann Self-Injury Prevention and Intervention Program (SIPIP) is available for Schools and Hospitals through Lori Vann Industries
    • Group Therapy
      • Self-Injury Support and Therapy Groups 10 yrs to adult
      • Tween Girls, Teen Girls, Women, and  Caregivers of Self-injurers Support Group

Coaching and Consulting Services

  • For counselors, supervisors, businesses, and media needing to discuss potential ethical, legal, marketing, or business issues — read more