Grant Halliburton Talk-over 150 present, 9/2015

Grant Halliburton Talk-over 150 present, 9/2015

Ms. Vann has been a professional speaker since 2000.  The below list represents a very small sampling of just some of her speaking engagements within the last two years, but for a full list of all of her presentations with the group presented to and when, you may contact her at

March 2013: State Conference presenter for Child Abuse Prevention: Understanding the Mind of a Self-injurer–over 110 in attendance

June 21, 2013: 2x time presenter for the Northern Metro Counseling Assoc. Summer Conference: Presenting on Ethics in Outpatient & Private Practice settings

August 5th–presenting for Frisco ISD counselors—2x presenter, will present again in Nov.

Sept. 19th: 2x presenter for LISD Community Outreach in Lewisville

Sept. 21: Boundaries 101: for all types of relationships from work to friends, family, kids, and dating. AVAILABLE for PURCHASE through the SHOP page.

Oct. 19: Dating 101/202

November 2, 2013: The Problem with Perfectionism and Stress Management.

Nov. 7, 2013: Frisco ISD Cobb M.S. Presentation on: Depression, Anxiety, Perfectionism, Self-injury, and Suicide—Not My Kid!


HELP! I’m a Dad of a Daughter! (May)

The Elisa Project: The Tri-fecta of Control Issues: perfectionism, eating disorders, and self-injury (June)

CONFIDENT Girls’ Camp—Sold Out (Sept)

Lewisville Area Stephen Ministry: self-injury (Sept)

Oct. 2014: 2 time presenter–Dallas Metro Counseling Assoc.: Self-injury with Kids, Teens, and Adults: How to Not Make Things Worse

Oct. 25, 2014: 3 Hr Self-injury Training Sponsored by Carrollton Springs and Mesa Springs Hospitals

Nov. 1, 2014: Little Elm ISD Parent University: 2 presentations on self-injury

Nov. 6, 2014: LISD-4th appearance—Parent University: Self-injury and Suicide Education

Nov. 7, 2014: Family Matters Conference (2nd time to present): Cutting Edge Technology: the role of social media in self-injury, eating disorders, and cyber-bullying


1/28/15 Boundaries: laying a healthy foundation

2/7/15 Dating 101

3/11/15 Dallas Young Professionals—Boundaries in the Workplace

3/12/15 IEAP Presentation for legal group—Job Burnout

3/28/15 A Practitioner’s Training in Self-injury (4 hr training sponsored by Memorial Hermann Prevention & Recovery)

4/18/15 At Risk Youth Behaviors—NSSI education, drugs, social media

4/30/15 Self-injury Education –Mesa Springs Hosptial & Phoenix House—over 100 attendees

5/18/2015 Professional Women’s Group (ABWA)—Stress Management

5/28/15  West Coast Symposium on Addictive Disorders in La Quinta, CA *National Conference

8/3/15 Denton County NAMI: self-injury education

8/11/15 Rockwall ISD: self-injury education

9/19/15 Boundaries in Parenting: tips for raising tweens to young adults

9/25/15 Grant Halliburton: When Life Hands You Teenagers: self-injury focus, 1 of 4 keynotes,

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