Self-injury Prevention & Intervention Program for School Districts & Colleges

A program for school districts who are interested in a program to run their own in house support groups.  I would train all of the counselors in the district who were interested in running the groups:

  • 6.5 hours of NSSI training
  • Provide all of the necessary materials (forms)
  • Run some of the groups to demonstrate the process
  • Include the 3 books that I have written (number of copies of each will depend on the number of attendees and schools)
  • Provide follow up support through a private FB page
  • Provide once a month consults via Skype, phone, or in my office
  • New counselors that wanted to assist with the groups, but missed the large group training, would be able to attend other NSSI training events that I offer at a significantly reduced, non-advertised rate for the first 2 years after the program was purchased.
  • Additional purchases of books, including book #4, would also be offered at a discounted rate.
  • A final bonus is that I would provide a 45 minute talk to the parents of the district regarding self-injury and the groups.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE–I only work with 1 school district at a time; I will not work on setting up two programs at the same time, the first school who registers receives my full attention.  Only 1 new school district will be added every 2-3 months.

Benefits to the Student:

  • Students are at school M-F, coming before school or staying after school is less of a burden than going to a new location during the weekend
  • Staff trained in NSSI will benefit the students wanting to come talk with them about this behavior
  • Staff will feel more comfortable discussing the topic and better able to assist the student’s needs