Self-injury (NSSI)Track Customized for Treatment Centers


NSSI Track for Treatment Centers that is based upon Lori Vann, M.A., LPC-S extensive experience working with self-injury (NSSI) since 1999.  Please see website under the SERVICES tab–Business Consulting for all of the details of the program and how your treatment center can be at the forefront of treating this behavior.

Product Description

Full description of the NSSI Track for Treatment Centers, including full pricing, is available on  Please note that these prices are only valid for the first 3 treatment centers who make a non-refundable deposit.  Once three centers have committed to the purchase of the program, the price will increase.   Ms. Vann’s 8 hours of training in the workshop would be over $8500 by itself, but you also receive the books, the activity workbook that is ONLY available at training events, her Group forms, her time on the unit to train the staff in filling out the forms & monitor their progress, and more!  Be the first in your state to offer a NSSI track that is truly a self-injury focus and not like other programs that try to force self-injury into general counseling groups or substance use groups.  The sale price of $8000 is the discounted price if paid in full.  If the interested party would like to work out a payment plan, then please contact Ms. Vann.


*Over 8 hours of staff training by a local, state, and national expert in self-injury education who is the author of 2 books and a workbook

*Onsite monitoring of implementation of the material for 2 days

*Forms that Ms. Vann has developed

*Copies of her 2 books and workbook for use by the staff

*Follow up consult calls

*Advertising that your organization has been trained by Ms. Vann and acknowledgment on her various social media platforms