Boundaries 101: in personal and professional life (audio)


Recognize signs of boundary issues in 8 types of relationships, how to be a more assertive & healthier person, and improve your self-esteem.  Learn the connection between depression, anxiety, acting out behaviors, & boundaries.


A flashdrive that covers boundary setting in personal and professional life. A 3 hr audio flashdrive that defines what healthy vs. unhealthy boundaries look like in 8 different types of relationships, including parent-child, friendship, dating, marital, occupational, social groups, adult child-parent, and spiritual relationships. A packet of helpful handouts that are discussed in the seminar is included. Examples of issues that are covered: I have trouble saying no to my kid! I feel guilty when I say no!

Why can’t I be friends with my teen?, I didn’t have a good example of parenting growing up, I don’t know what to do differently!

What happens if I don’t set boundaries with my friends?

Troubles in knowing how to identify healthy friends, family, and co-workers can be a challenge.

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