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A Practitioner’s Guide to the Treatment of Self-injury: tips, techniques, activities, and debates (6 CD Audio Book w/ 1 bonus)


An easy to understand guide that is designed to help answer therapeutic questions in how to treat those who participate in non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI).  Ms. Vann is regarded as an expert in the field of self-injury treatment with having studied & worked with this population since 1999, given over 50 presentations on the topic, runs the only exclusively, ongoing self-injury support groups for teen girls and women since 2009, tween girls 2014, and Caregivers of those who self-harm (2014) in all of North Texas.  Her first book, A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury, has been talked about on national radio, is regarded as a well-written book that offers unique insights for loved ones to better understand this behavior.  A Practitioner’s Guide is designed for any professional in the medical, psychological, or educational field that treat in some form or fashion those who participate in NSSI.

This is a 6 CD audio book box set that for a LIMITED TIME ONLY COMES WITH A BONUS CD that is almost 30 minutes in length.  You are getting 7 CDs that has invaluable information for the treatment provider for one  low price!  This is less than the cost of attending one of Ms. Vann’s seminars!


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Ms. Vann’s second book, A Practitioner’s Guide to the Treatment of Self-injury: tips, techniques, activities, and debates, is designed to be an easy to follow and understand training manual for practitioners in the medical, psychological, and educational fields to better understand the techniques to use & which ones to avoid in working with non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI).  Based upon her over 15 years of working with this population and having treated or worked with over 400 clients with the history and providing professional consults on over a hundred other cases, she has written this book to answer many of the common questions that she receives when she has given one of her  sixty plus self-injury presentations, but to also provide the techniques that she has actually used with clients, new treatment areas to be explored, and correcting some misconceptions of this behavior that professionals have stated to clients.

She delves into great detail in answering the debated topic as to whether or not self-injury is addictive.  Also covered is the connection that a history of abuse has on a psychological and physiological level with the behavior.  In chapter 8, she addresses the good, the bad, and the well-meaning recommendations that practitioners have given to their clients and why they should be avoided.  She does elaborate upon several concepts that were touched on in her first book, A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury, in more depth so that practitioners can have a deeper understanding of those areas.  While this is a thorough book packed with practical tips and research, the listener is able to go to the section that they need in that moment without having had to read all of the chapters leading up to it in order to grasp the concept(s).

This 14 chapter book was released on CD on March 28, 2015; it contains over 7 1/2 hours of material.  For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, she will also provide a BONUS CD with almost 30 minutes of extra material.  You receive 7 CDs for under $40!

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