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Lori Vann, MA, LPCS has been nicknamed the “Guru of Self-injury” and a “Teen Whisperer” by her clients and professional colleagues.  Nationally known as a parenting and relationship expert for Fox News Radio, she has also been interviewed for NBC, ABC, CBS, the CW, The Denver Post, The Dallas Morning News, and Hollywoodlife.com on numerous occasions regarding her thoughts on articles that deal with tween & teen trends.  This book is based upon her over 15 years of professional experience working with self-injury in children and adults.  Since 2015, she has directly worked with over 410 individuals with the history of NSSI and consulted on 100’s of cases.  If you’d like to attend one of her speaking events or find out about her IOP plan she is offering to hospitals, please email her.



A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury book–list price is $17.95 BUT it is discounted here for you.   You also save on shipping versus the fees online retailers charge because my shipping rates are lower.

Finally a practical, easy-to-use book to help caregivers who have loved ones that are dealing with self-injury. The 155+ pg paperback book identifies the various types of self-injury, the 35 reasons for it, how to assess and react to it, 17 tips for caregivers, treatment options, dealing with manipulation, and MORE!

Caregivers who have read it are raving about how well-written and helpful it has been for them; they’ve even bought multiple copies to give to their doctors, teachers, or other family members.  Professionals are also singing its praises and referring clients to it.  For more reviews==check out the FEEDBACK page and also the book’s page on Amazon.com.

Counselors and caregivers alike are singing the book’s praises as being a wonderful resource in better understanding this often misunderstood behavior.  Unlike other books that just cover ‘cutting’, this book covers over 10 different types of self-injurious actions.  *This book is not geared for those with stereotypic self-injury that is related to a neurological or developmental issue.

Chapter 1: What is Self-injury?

Chapter 2: What Does Self-harm Look Like?

Chapter 3: What Are The Physical and Behavioral Signs of Self-injury?

Chapter 4: Where Do They Get the Idea to Injure?

Chapter 5: Why Would Someone Harm Themselves?

Chapter 6: Asking the Question and How to React

Chapter 7: Resistance, Blackmail, Bribery, and Relapse

Chapter 8: Treatment Options

*A different cover is on the book itself, as shown below.

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