Lori is a force for good in the mental health industry. As a business advisor, I have worked with many mental health experts over the years. I must say that it is refreshing to see one so dedicated to building her business and someone with such an in depth knowledge about her clients, her business and her industry. Marco R., International Business Coach, Real Estate Mogul, and Speaker

Private Practice Consultation Package:

Ms. Vann’s counseling forms (7) with a 2 1/2 hour consultation to review the forms, discuss best business practices, marketing strategies, website review, or whatever the client is in need of, in addition to two (2) 15 minute follow up calls for

Forms include:

    • Vann Counseling Agreement
    • Client Intake AND the Initial Intake that the counselor fills out
    • Release of Information form
    • Communication Log per HIPAA guidelines
    • Insurance Benefit Verification Form
    • Session Note

Supervisor Consultation Package:

2 hours of consultation time (1 hour blocks), in addition to four times a month consultation call (15 minutes) for 3 months( 3 hrs total), and the following forms:

    • Total amount of consult time is 5 hours
    • Vann Supervisory Agreement for off-site interns
    • Vann Onsite Addendum for Interns
    • Intern Counseling Agreement with clients
    • Intern Session Note
    • HIPAA Documentation Form
    • Vann Supervision Note

Create a NSSI (Self-injury) Track for your hospital, PHP, IOP

Ms. Vann will travel to your location and train your staff in NSSI recognition, treatment, and group therapy techniques that are in her Self-injury Prevention Activity Workbook.  She will then sit it on the groups for 2 days to demonstrate how to integrate the techniques discussed, review current forms and make suggestions, and stay at the location the entire day to make her self available for any questions.  A follow up visit will take place at a time determined by the group and Ms. Vann’s schedule.  Contact her today via e-mail or phone call with inquiries to guarantee your center’s unique role as a provider for this service.

Just some of what’s included:

Non-Suicidal Self-injury (NSSI) Track for Treatment Centers Proposal


Program Developed by: Lori Vann, M.A., LPC-Supervisor

The information contained in this Proposal is proprietary and cannot be used by the Treatment Center to develop a similar track without compensation to the developer of said program, Ms. Vann.

Why would a treatment center want a NSSI track?

First, I want to ask a few questions for your consideration.

How many treatment centers do you know that competently treat NSSI and have a dedicated track for it? How many centers say they treat NSSI, but they are really just barely touching on coping skills that are specific to that behavior and lumping those clients in with everyone else?  How many were created by a recognized authority on the subject?

Do you know the lifetime risk for someone trying NSSI?  Are you familiar with the correlation between substance use, eating disorders, and/or NSSI?

Do you want to be known as the group who has their finger on the needs of the community?  The group that is focused on educating its staff to meet the ever changing needs of its clients?  Do you want to be among the leaders in treatment facilities?

What benefits could a treatment center derive from having such a unique and much needed program?

*Local reputation and increased exposure as a leading treatment center in the needs of the community

*Community awareness about this track can lead to awareness to other programs the center offers, thus increased referrals all around

*Increased referrals on a local, state, and perhaps national level

*Increased client satisfaction for targeting previously unmet needs by other facilities

Program Overview

Ms. Vann will help you create a NSSI Treatment Program for your hospital or treatment center that includes therapeutic activities, process groups, core areas to address, family group topics, forms, considerations, use of all of her materials, and will go to your location to help set it up and train the staff (travel fees may apply).  For additional information, Lori@lorivann.com

*Personable, genuine, interactive presentations where you WILL learn information that can help you better assist your clients and patients.

*Nicknamed ‘The Guru of Self-injury’

Call or E-mail for additional details and pricing.  To make a deposit before the prices increase, go to http://lorivanncounseling.com/product/nssi-track-for-treatment-centers-deposit