Ms. Vann is recognized as one of the local, state, and national, experts on self-injury.  Her second book on the topic was released as an audiobook at the end of March 2015.  As of June 2018, she has directly worked with almost 500 individuals and consulted on countless others that her colleagues and her interns have helped with a history of self-harm. She has presented on the topic all over the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, been the “go to” person for other counselors to consult with who treat injury, and presented in Houston & San Antonio for state conferences, in California for a National conference for counselors, and Internationally.  She is currently in discussions with a major speaking group to take her talks nationwide.  Her 4th book is currently being written with a tentative release date of fall 2018.  As of June, she has presented on the topic over 75 times and for over 10 Regional Educational Centers and school districts,. Various local and national interviews that she has given on the topic can be found on her YouTube page and through Google searches.

*Videos have been posted to YouTube re: self-injury

NEWS: A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury book is available for purchase through the SHOP page or Amazon! It continues to receive great reviews from parents and professionals.


Group (RSVP’s are required) Location Date Time Cost
Self-Injury – Women
(7 per group)ages 16 1/2 to adults
Office 3rd Monday at 6 PM  This is a discussion & processing based group. Dates:
6 PM
(55 min)
$15 if intern leads it, $20 if Ms. Vann leads it
Tween Group for 10- 13 years old on the 1st Monday of the month at 5:30 PM Office  Tweens –ON HIATUS until more group members sign up
55 min
Tween group is $20 Ms. Vann leads it, $15 if Intern leads it
Teen Girls (2 options)
(7 per group) ages 12.5 to 18, 2nd Saturday at 12, or 3rd Sunday at 2 PM
Office Saturday Groups are on the 2nd Saturday of each month at 12 & are usually led by Ms. Vann in Carrollton

Tarrant County groups will start in Sept. 2018  



55 min
The Saturday group is in Carrollton at 12 PM.  The cost is $20.

.—Tarrant County Group will start in Sept. 2018


Caregiver Support Group-offered 1x a month– Office  Saturday Group at 12: 2nd Saturday at 12:00 PM $10 for one adult, $16 for two with no teen, $25 for adult & 1 teen in tween/ teen group$30 for 2 adults & a tween/ teen or woman injury group participant

Groups are offered throughout the month at 4020 Huffines Blvd., Carrollton. The Parents’ Group will be the 1st Monday and the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Tarrant County Group is meeting in Southlake at 1723 East Southlake Blvd., Suite 120, Southlake.

PLEASE NOTE: Those interested in a group MUST E-Mail or Call (during business hours) and register for the groups, as SPACE IS LIMITED. Ladies MUSTreceive a confirmation from Lori before attending.

Self-injury is not just cutting, scratching, & burning, it also includes those who have a history of picking/tweezing facial or body hair to the point of scarring, intentional cuticle ripping for pain or as a distraction, hitting oneself or objects, and piercing for pain. Self-injury affects males and females of all age groups.

These groups are designed for tween girls 10-12 1/2, teenage females, ages 13 to 18, and women 17+ who need extra support as they try to deal with and overcome their urges to self-injure. It is also a place where people can share what coping skills have been helpful for them in addition to learning new skills from the therapist. The group is part therapy and part support group.

The goals of the group are emotional support, education, and intervention. All participants will be asked to sign a counseling contract that outlines the rules of the group and what is expected of its participants. They will also fill out an intake form to assess whether or not they may be appropriate for group. The group will be run by a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor who has an extensive history of working with those who have participated in self-abuse. An LPC Intern may also be present during the group in order to help facilitate the group and/or give the group members an opportunity to speak with someone should they need to temporarily leave the group. Each group session will cover a different issue that is related to self-injury and work on ways to avoid the triggers.