If you are having thoughts of harming yourself or are feeling out-of-control, please consider calling one of the following numbers or go to your nearest E.R..

Crisis Lines:

Suicide & Crisis Center: 214-828-1000

Contact Crisis: 972-233-2233

Acute Crisis Evaluation: 214-388-2412

Carrollton Springs Hospital Assessment: (18 y/o+) 972-242-4114

Children’s Medical Center in Dallas: https://www.childrens.com/specialties-services/specialty-centers-and-programs/psychiatry-and-psychology 

Cook Children’s Hospital in Ft. Worth:  https://www.cookchildrens.org/behavioral-health/Pages/default.aspx 

Mesa Springs Hospital in Ft. Worth: (817) 952-5571

Millwood Hospital MobileAssessment Team: 817-223-7837

Plano Presby–Seay Center: 972-981-8305

University Behavioral Health Assessment Team: 1-888-320-8101

ADAPT, Lifenet, and ABC Behavioral do mobile assessments.

Check in the front of your phone book for additional numbers

Go to your nearest emergency room or call 911. You can go to either a medical or psychiatric emergency room to be evaluated.


Local inpatient psychiatric hospitals:

Most hospitals provide a free evaluation to see if you are appropriate for their level of care; call before going to see if there are beds available & work with your specific issue

Denton Cty: UBH, Carrollton Springs

Collin Cty: SEAY Center at Plano Presbytarian, Wysong in McKinney, Children’s Hospital in Plano

North Dallas County: Green Oaks at Medical City, Richardson Methodist, Sundance in Garland

South Dallas Cty: Parkland/Zale Lipshy, Dallas Children’s Hospital at Parkland

Tarrant Cty: John Peter Smith Hospital, Cook Children’s Hospital, Springwood (HEB), Sundance Center, Mesa Springs, and Millwood (Arlington)