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Educational Background

loriLori Vann received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, graduating Cum Laude, from Pepperdine University. She earned her Master of Arts degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage, Family, and Child Counseling from Chapman University where she graduated Summa Cum Laude.

Ms. Vann has been licensed in the State of Texas as a professional counselor since 2001 and a LPC intern supervisor since 2003. She started practicing counseling in 1998 while at Chapman University’s community clinic.


Lori Vann is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor who has practiced in a variety of settings including inpatient psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, private practice, and the non-profit sector. She has been a professor of psychology for both the Collin County and Dallas County college districts. Throughout the years she has received many accolades from clients and colleagues, and she has been nicknamed the “Teen Whisperer” for her ability to work with challenging teen cases.

Ms. Vann has been a professional speaker since 2000 and has spoken on a wide range of topics at numerous locations throughout the state of Texas and in Hawaii, including colleges, state conferences, community events, symposiums, non-profit organizations, multiple school districts, and churches. Women of Visionary Influence, Christian Counselors of Texas, and the 27th Annual conference On The Prevention of Child Abuse are three statewide conferences that she has presented to. In May 2015, she presented at a National conference in Southern California, the West Coast Addictive Disorders Symposium.  She has repeatedly been asked to come back to conferences, symposiums, and school districts as a speaker.  She is able to provide you with a list of references of hospitals who have sponsored her, in addition to comments by attendees.  The FEEDBACK section lists just a few of praises.

Ms. Vann is in the process of recording her second book, A Practitioner’s Guide to the Treatment of Self-injury, which is the follow up to A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury. For information on the books and companion DVDs, you can go to the SHOP page. To date she has worked with over 450 individuals who have some history of self-harm, consulted on numerous injury cases for colleagues & her interns, and has given over 65 presentations on the topic. She has been running self-injury support/therapy groups since May 2009 (for a listing of groups, go to In 2013, she broke new ground by offering a support group for the caregivers of injurers and she did it again in June 2014 by adding a tween girl self-injury group to the rotation. These groups are the only ongoing groups of their kind in the DFW area. Ms. Vann has been called the “local expert” and “guru” on self-injury. She was featured in Dallas Child & Ft. Worth Child Magazines and Houston Family Magazine regarding the topic of self injury.

In addition to her area of expertise in self-injury, Ms. Vann also works with those who have boundary issues of one form or another, perfectionists, those who have control issues, people who wish to be more assertive in their daily lives, and those struggling with low self-esteem. Other areas that she has much experience with include Mood Disorders (Depression, Bipolar I and II), all types of Anxiety Disorders (Panic Attacks, Social Phobia, Gen. Anxiety D/O, PTSD), Adjustment Disorders, some Impulse Control Disorders, those struggling with substance abuse or recovery, and individuals who have a history of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual).

In June 2010, she opened up a second office so that she could fulfill her desire to provide affordable counseling to those who could not afford it using their mental health benefits, have diagnoses not covered by insurance, or did not have insurance. She strongly believes that mental health treatment should not be considered a luxury item. The interns are under her direct supervision and they staff cases on a weekly basis. The interns have been able to serve financial populations that Ms. Vann is not allowed to due to contractual agreements with the insurance companies.

In 2009, Ms. Vann added mental health media consultant to her services and has continued to serve as a mental health consultant for various media projects, including Television news programs, national radio, magazines, newspapers, movies, and the internet. As of February 17, 2016, she has given over 180 national and local radio interviews and over 20 television interviews for ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, and Univision on news headlines, such risk taking behaviors, perfectionism, and a celebrity abuse case. She has been a repeat guest for many of the radio stations because she is able to clearly articulate a unique point of view on a broad range of news headlines. Fox News Radio has named her a parenting and relationship expert.  Nebraska’s KFAB has nicknamed her a their “Parenting Expert” of the morning show. The Denver Post, The Dallas Morning News, and The Amarillo Globe are just three of the papers that she has spoken to regarding issues ranging from Facebook Envy to self-injury to a celebrity child abuse case.   For a listing of all of Ms. Vann’s interviews go to or to watch some of the TV news interviews or listen to some of the radio shows, you can go to the YouTube page- Lori Vann Counseling or Lori Vann, LPC-S.  She can also provide you with a complete list of all of her interviews.

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On a literary level, she co-edited the book What Next???: An Honest Handbook of Single, Expecting Mothers by Sonja Dilbeck. Ms. Vann’s first book, A Caregiver’s Guide to Self-injury was released in February 2014 and her second book, A Practitioner’s Guide to Self-injury: tips, techniques, activities, and debates, was released March 28, 2015. While only available at Ms. Vann’s self-injury training seminars, she has written a unique 30+ activity workbook entitled, The Self-injury Prevention Activity Workbook.  Her 4th book is due fall 2017!

Currently, she is supervising LPC interns, speaking throughout Texas and working on expanding that service to other states, consulting on various media projects, and writing handouts for her clients while managing a full-time private counseling practice. Realizing that many counselors are not trained to run a business in graduate school and that supervisors do not always get the most complete education in the continuing education classes, Ms. Vann has added being a provider of consulting services for counselors who have questions about running a private practice or are newly licensed and are not sure what to do next in their career.

Member of the N. Tarrant Mental Health Professionals, NEST, and the Speaker Co-op.

For a list of speaking engagements and topics, go to the Presentations page and for CDs and DVDs from previous presentations go to the SHOP page to purchase the items.