About Lori

loriLori offers individual & family counseling, group therapy for self-injury, professional business consulting services for mental health professionals, media consulting regarding psychological issues, seminars, & Texas LPC Intern Supervision.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Self-Injury, self abuse, NSSI, SIB
  • Perfectionism & Control Issues
  • Boundaries, Esteem, & Assertiveness in Personal & Work life
  • Teen issues (bullying, risky behaviors, rule setting), Parenting Tips
  • Communication & Relationship Issues
  • Healthy Dating Education (Dating Tips & Consults)
  • Stress  and Anxiety Management
  • Depression Management
  • Christian Counseling (available upon request)
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Quick Updates


If you have a crisis, please contact your psychiatrist or one of the crisis numbers on the EMERGENCY page.

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