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About Lori

Lori is a highly experienced clinical counselor who has been practicing for 20 years and provides professional, ethical, and non-judgmental counseling services.  She believes that therapy should focus on identifying the core issues as to “why people do the things that they do” and not solely focus on the behavior, which is a symptom of the core issues.

Lori offers individual & family counseling, group therapy for self-injury, professional business consulting services for mental health professionals, media commentary regarding psychological issues, seminars, training programs, & Texas LPC Intern Supervision.

***COMING SEPTEMBER 2018: EXCLUSIVE SELF-INJURY INTENSIVE PROGRAM for Teen Girls***—limit of 6 girls per group, less than $38 per group & it includes art & therapy supplies, run by an authority in the field of NSSI Reserve Your Teen’s Spot Today!

Vann Self-injury Prevention and Intervention Program (SIPIP)—3 school limit for the fall has been filled, now reserving the 3 schools for spring 2019!  Make sure that your school is one of those three!

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Areas of Expertise

  • Self-Injury, self abuse, NSSI, SIB
  • Perfectionism & Control Issues
  • Boundaries, Esteem, & Assertiveness in Personal & Work life
  • Teen issues (bullying, risky behaviors, rule setting), Parenting Tips
  • Communication & Relationship Issues
  • Healthy Dating Education (Dating Tips & Consults)
  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Depression Management
  • Christian Counseling (available upon request)

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Quick Updates

If you have a crisis, please contact your psychiatrist or one of the crisis numbers on the EMERGENCY page.

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