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About Lori

Lori is a highly experienced clinical counselor who has been practicing for 20 years and provides professional, ethical, and non-judgmental counseling services.  She believes that therapy should focus on identifying the core issues as to “why people do the things that they do” and not solely focus on the behavior, which is a symptom of the core issues.

Recently, Lori interviewed Dr. Phil McGraw regarding the rise in Non-Suicidal Self-injury cases and his thoughts, as a professional colleague, as to why he thought the increase had occurred.

Lori offers individual & family counseling, group therapy for self-injury, professional business consulting services for mental health professionals, media commentary regarding psychological issues, seminars, training programs, & Texas LPC Intern Supervision.

Vann Self-injury Prevention and Intervention Program (SIPIP) —3 school limit (take out the rest of the sentence) Make sure that your school is one of those three!

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Areas of Expertise

  • Self-Injury, self abuse, NSSI, SIB
  • Perfectionism & Control Issues
  • Boundaries, Esteem, & Assertiveness in Personal & Work life
  • Teen issues (bullying, risky behaviors, rule setting), Parenting Tips
  • Communication & Relationship Issues
  • Healthy Dating Education (Dating Tips & Consults)
  • Stress and Anxiety Management
  • Depression Management
  • Christian Counseling (available upon request)

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“Lori Vann is by FAR the BEST in the world at what she does. (I work and evaluate many like her in 25 countries on 5 continents.) I am slow to endorse anybody for anything, especially in something as sensitive and serious as this, but I enthusiastically recommend Lori Vann.”

-Jason Gilbert, International Coach, Speaker, Advisor, and Entrepreneur

“Professional. Educated. Ready to help. Vann Counseling is a trusted voice in today’s field of counseling services.” – Christina W 

Quick Updates 

  • Lori is travelling to Las Vegas in the fall to present her BRAND NEW 2-day Self-injury Mastermind for Mental Health Professionals
    • NEW ADDRESS: 2785 Rockbrook Dr., Suite 306, Lewisville, 75067


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    If you have a crisis, please contact your psychiatrist or one of the crisis numbers on the EMERGENCY page.


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